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Chemotherapy Infusion Pump System

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PoppyPocket infusion pump transport and holding system is discreet, body contouring, secure, comfortable, portable and wearable for everyday life!

Our infusion pump transport and holding system is an elastic chest band with a pocket that completely encloses the pump and tubes.

You can wear it discretely beneath clothing. You can engage in normal daily activity, hands and worry free. This product is intended to assist the patients towards an improved quality of life.

Product holds pump (50ml—250ml) and the tubes. It has a divided pocket – one for the pump and one for the tubes.

It can be worn in front, side, or in the back. It is user friendly and can be worn at night for sleeping with minimal interference. You never get tangled in doors; cars, chairs, or your own arms and legs with the added benefit that pets can’t chew on tubes, as they’re contained.

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