Skin Care


Organic Lip Balm-Healing-Peppermint

$ 4.50

DESCRIPTION: Our nourishing lip balm is made with the finest organic ingredients to help soothe dry, chapped lips. It also gives the lips a beautiful  and natural glossy glow. The peppermint adds a fresh, minty taste along with "plumping" the lips naturally. Note: Also helps...


Organic Lip Balm - Immune Boosting

$ 4.50

DESCRIPTION: Our Immune Boosting Lip Balm is made with the finest organic ingredients from nature, to nourish and soothe dry, chapped lips. This lip balm also gives a natural glossy glow. The formulation is designed specifically to aid in boosting the immune system and prevent germs...


Organic Face Cleansing Oil | Face oil to Protect | Nourish | Glow |Sensitive | 2oz

$ 19.85

DESCRIPTION: Science tells us that oil dissolves oil, water does not dissolve oil. So, by massaging natural, certified organic oils into your skin, the dirt build up of impurities stuck in your pores will  dissolve.  When used regularly, oil cleansing can clear up many skin...


Organic Face and Body Recovery Cream- 2 oz. Jar

$ 42.99

DESCRIPTION: Our face and body cream deeply hydrates, beautifully nourishes, soothes, renews, and protects. Recovery Cream gives the skin a luminous and nourished glow. It is specifically designed for those recovering from the harsh effects of chemotherapy and radiation that are needing a rich and...


100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera - 2oz.

$ 8.45

DESCRIPTION: This miraculous gel is perfect for patients to use on face before, during and after chemotherapy/ radiation treatment. May be used under THERA ESSENTIALS’ Recovery Balm. INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure Organic Aloe Barbadensis SUGGESTED USE: Apply to the skin on either face or body, with a...


Organic Momma's Belly Oil- 4oz

$ 28.99

Ingredients: Certified Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, Certified Organic tamanu Oil, Verified Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil. Description: Our blend of exquisite oils will help to prevent stretch marks and any discoloration...


Calendula Salve-- 2 oz.

$ 14.99

Certified Organic Calendula Salve- protects and nourishes the skin from various skin concerns. Its the perfect diaper rash preventer and healer. It soothes dry, cracked skin and helps relieve the sting from bites.  The calendula plant contains natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help heal...