Shave for a Cure!

Spring is upon us! The blossoms are blooming and the refreshing spring breeze blows them to-and-fro, carrying them softly to the ground, decorating the sidewalks, the roads, and the lawns. This spring you might see some additional things floating to the ground as well. While they may not possess the sweet and natural fragrance of the buds, they do tell a sweet and heartwarming story. What I’m talking about are actually locks and tufts of hair shaven off on account of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. You might see them on the floor in firehouse, malls, churches, and even pubs – perhaps even you own home! 29f595d3ea65493fa89d85bd255acd47 St. Baldrick’s Foundation promotes research and provides resources for children with cancer. They are the home of the Shave Your Head Event that started way back in the year 2000. This event is exciting as it is heartfelt. A Shavee, one who volunteers to shave their head, encourages others to donate money “on their head” and then attends a head-shaving event. There, they will have their hair buzzed in the company of their friends – and most importantly – the company of children with cancer. Hair loss is a common side effect to cancer treatment that’s difficult to disguise. Many of you may have some experiences with the affects of having a notable or obvious sign of an illness or a disease. In numerous instances people may treat you a bit differently. Yet, in the struggles of combating an aggressive illness, encouragement is the most vital medicine. At the St. Baldrick’s website you can read stories of the children who have been touched by these events and simply touched by the volunteers. Explore their stories and see the changes this foundation is making in the lives of our children today. While there was only one head-shaving event in 2000, there were more than 1,000 events in the past year alone! As of right now – while my fingers type to you, friends – they have raised a total of $18,774,295 this year! I’m simply amazed! It’s encouraging to see what wonderful contributions are being made by volunteers alone.

Knowing your long spring cleaning list is probably hitting the floor, maybe cross out the “scrub the floor boards” and pencil in a new hair-do for St. Baldrick’s. Also, did you know that you could personally host a head-shaving event? All the information on how to get in touch with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation can be found right here. So, whether you’re going bald for a cause or whether you’re simply re-painting the house, I hope you enjoy the many spring days with the birds singing a bit sweeter and a bit louder. PoppyPocket has many exciting things budding this season so be sure to catch my Facebook posts and my tweets while you catch the warmer rays! Live boldly, Julie