Our Return Policy

PoppyMed's Return Policy

At PoppyMed, we are proud of our commitment to make the world a more comfortable place: for everyone. Our mantra is entrenched in our products, our people, our presentation and our promise to provide an elevated level of customer satisfaction. 

PoppyMed® wants to help you or your loved one live life more freely during the challenges of infusion therapy or medical monitoring.  Please know PoppyMed® will accept your return within 15 days of receiving it.


How Our Return Policy Works

Contact: julie@poppypocket.net to receive a return form.

Place the PoppyPocket® back in the provided bag with the Velcro facing away from the strap.

Mail return to:   

2733 N Power Rd. Ste, 102.
Mesa, AZ 85215

Receive a refund to your purchasing credit card minus a $5.00 transaction fee once the PoppyPocket® is received.


Here Is How It Works

Contact: Julie@poppypocket.net for more information and to receive a return form.

Mail product return to address provided above.