Treatment In Disguise

Medical treatment in the face of disease or illness can be difficult in and of itself and often leads patients on a path of emotional ups and downs; those who make the transition to ambulatory treatment via infusion pump face the added stress of wearing one’s treatment on their sleeve.  The positive and negative effects of this type of lifestyle adjustment vary greatly for each individual.  For some, maintaining normal activity is a challenge, while others experience a fairly smooth adjustment.  However, for many, simply managing one’s day-to-day and dealing with the reactions, stares, and curiosity of strangers in public is too much to handle.  Most patients do not want social exchanges and first impressions to be centered about their illness and treatment, and patients frequently report that unsolicited attention can cause some level of embarrassment and shame, leading some down a path of avoidance, seclusion and even depression.  Having one’s illness/treatment be visible to others makes it that much harder to blend in, fly under the radar, and feel ‘normal’ again. PoppyPockets Pulmonary Hypertension Perhaps then, it is no surprise that the internet is filled with patient inquiries of how to hide their infusion pumps away from unwanted attention.  In fact, discretion is one of the most widespread concerns for patients receiving ambulatory treatment via infusion pump.  Discretion is also one of the motivating factors behind the design of the Poppy Pocket.  Poppy Pocket is a versatile and adjustable pouch that patients can utilize, safely and discreetly, to store infusion pumps away from wandering eyes and curious inquiries, helping patients to recapture some ‘normal’ back into their lives, perhaps even eliminating some stress and lending to a stronger recovery process.  With the ease and discretion of Poppy Pocket, patients will be able to achieve a higher comfort level and, thus, radiate a more confident outlook.  Isn’t that the type of first impression we would all like to make?