About Us

"Hi, I am Julie and this is my dad, Poppy, I created the PoppyPocket for my dad to wear his ambulatory infusion pump and tubes more discreetly, comfortably and safely. It is an elastic band with two separate pockets stitched on to securely contain the pump and tubing."

Why I Created PoppyPocket

I started this company after my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and witnessed his struggle enduring the chemotherapy treatment. His treatment protocol consisted of an ambulatory infusion pump filled with his chemotherapy medicine that was transported by a cumbersome, inconvenient fanny pack around his waist.

The diagnosis was difficult enough, yet couple that with the ongoing fear of the tubes getting entangled; getting caught on the car door, bathroom sink, desk, pets, and anything in his path, not to mention the loss of dignity in the work place.

His biggest complaint however, was sleeping, because the tubes would get tangled in the sheets, then tug on his port, which lead to pain and sleepless nights. My heart broke watching my dad’s growing frustration trying to lead a normal life, so I created a better solution, the PoppyPocket.

The contour body design was created to securely contain his pump and tubes discreetly and comfortably underneath his clothes to ease the challenges of treatments and live more boldly. I named the company after my dad, Bob, who we all called Poppy.

— Julie Hyzdu, Founder & CEO

Active Working Businessman

When my oncologist told me I needed to wear a chemotherapy infusion pump, I really did not understand what that entailed. Being an active working businessman I was shocked at what was given to me to hold the infusion pump and tubing. I could not work and feel secure with my pump and all the tubing not being contained.

I was constantly getting caught on chairs, desk drawers and anything else that was in my way during the work day. Also it was difficult to get a good night sleep getting tangled in the sheets and worrying about dislodging the port from my chest. My life changed when my daughter came up with a special band and pocket (PoppyPocket) for me to store my infusion system securely.

I now go about my days freely knowing I am safe from pulling the tubing out and knowing my customers are not aware of my current condition. It is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. I can also ride my bike and golf knowing I am secure.

Thank you.

— Robert E. Berling (Poppy), Owner, RV Dealership

The TheraESSENTIAL Story

Hi, I’m Julie, the Founder of the PoppyPocket, a medical device transporting system.  In 2007 doctors diagnosed my Dad (Poppy) with colorectal cancer, and he came home with a chemotherapy infusion pump inside a fanny pack.  After watching Poppy struggle with the tubes snagging on; car doors, desks, sinks and even the sheets at night, I decided to create a better solution, the PoppyPocket.  It safely, comfortably and discreetly contained the “pump system” beneath his clothes which allowed him a better quality of life.  He slept better at night because the tubes were safely contained, which meant keeping the port properly positioned.  He also regained his dignity at work being discreet, and enjoyed daily activities better with my mom. Most patients don’t talk about going to the bathroom, but it was a struggle for my dad having the tubes and fanny pack hanging down, so this was another added benefit with the PoppyPocket securely containing everything for my dad. The PoppyPocket continues to grow today, helping thousands of patients in over 1,700 oncology facilities.  Because of the way the pocket was developed, it also aids patients that need antibiotic infusions, Pulmonary Hypertension medications, pain management infusions and many more treatments.  I was amazed after launching PoppyPocket how many nurses reached out to me about other medical conditions that needed a safer way to transport medical devices.

I have heard so many stories of Patients experiencing better nights of sleep, enjoying more activities, wearing clothes again that make them feel pretty.  And most importantly, patients are regaining their dignity.

When you discover that you or a loved one has cancer, it changes everything. After my dad’s diagnosis we wanted to better our family’s health. I immediately began researching and eliminating the toxic use of chemicals from our food, cleaning and skin care products.   When I would speak to other nurses and patients while my dad was sick, I realized that many patients and nurses desired better alternatives too! They also were looking for things to help alleviate and soothe symptoms from cancer and other diseases.  However, almost no “clean” products existed.  So, with my team at PoppyPocket and the expertise of a clinical aroma therapist, chemist and natural healthcare practitioner, we specifically formulated products that are pure, organic, and free of any synthetic chemicals. And THERAESSENTIALS was born.

Why are we different?  We differentiate ourselves because our products are completely non-toxic while nourishing, renewing, hydrating, protecting, soothing, supporting the body, and alleviating symptoms for overall wellness.  We are 95% organic, however, for several reasons we chose not to go through the FDA’s certification process to get USDA Certified Organic (with the exception of a few products). Our products are 3rdparty tested to ensure  purity from any pesticides, silicones, GMOs, propylene glycol, glycols, synthetic chemicals, sulfates and 1,000’s of other harmful ingredients.  Our essential oil blends and skin care line are expertly formulated to be; anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, anti-microbial, and mostly anti-oxidant.  We provide GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) reports if interested. They are difficult to understand unless you are an aroma therapist, but eventually, we will have profiles on our site for better comprehension, since this is what I use with my family.

In all my research I discovered the health benefits of Cannabis/Hemp Essential oil.  The Cannabis/Hemp Essential oil provides stronger relief from medical ailments and enhances the potency of the other essentials oils for more benefits.    Cannabis/Hemp Essential oil is very different from CBD, Hemp oil, and cannabis oil.  The Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa Plant.  It has 0% THC and 0% cannaboids. The terpenes in Cannabis/Hemp Essential oil are what make this product so effective for skin, stress, anxiety, sleep, digestion, headaches and pain.

My husband, children and family members are the loves of my life, so keeping them healthy and safe is my priority and focus.  Creating THERAESSENTIALs brings great joy and comfort knowing that I am serving products to all as I would my family.  I hope you love our products as much as we do. Enjoy wellness!


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