Cannabis Essential Oil Product Information

Needs to be diluted into a carrier oil, Cannabis Essential Oil is produced by the steam distillation of the cannabis flower. The active components are myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, which are packed with anti-inflammatory properties. 

NOTE: It is wildly beneficial and is considered to be one of the most effective and powerful essential oils. It is homogenous with CBD oil, Cannabis oil Extract in that it is derived from the cannabis plant. Yet, it does not contain cannabidiol. Therefore, it is non-intoxicating, completely safe and legal, and offers the same potent and powerful benefits 0%THC & 0%CBD

  1. Are Cannabis essential oil considered the same thing? YES
  2. Is it Legal? YES
  3. Does it have THC? NO
  4. Does it have CBD? NO
  5. Is it Organic? YES
  6. Is it good to take orally? NO
  7. Does it have Terpenes? YES
  8. Is it Steam distilled? YES
  9. Does it use the flowers and leaves for distraction? YES
  10. Is it from France? YES
  11. Is it from the Cannabis Sativa Plant? YES
  12. Is it considered therapeutic? YES
  13. Is it great for skin conditions? YES
  14. Does the FDA recognize terpenes as safe? YES
  15. Does it have Anti-bacterial properties? YES
  16. Does it have Anti-inflammatory properties? YES
  17. Does it have Anti-Fungal properties? YES
  18. Does it have Anti-Septic Properties? YES
  19. Does it have Anti-Oxidant properties? YES
  20. Does it have Anti-anxiolytic properties? YES
  21. Does it have Anti-Coagulant properties? YES
  22. Does it have Anti-seizure properties? YES
  23. Does it have Anti-Modulator properties? YES
  24. Does it have Anti-Mutagenic Properties? YES
  25. Is it considered a muscle relaxant? YES
  26. Is it considered an immune Modulator? YES
  27. Does it open up the Bronchials? YES