My First Good Night’s Sleep

We received the PoppyPocket for chemotherapy infusion treatment and are very pleased. The fanny pack they provided at the therapy center was just not acceptable for me. During the day I could not get it in a comfortable position and the infusion lines kept getting hung on things. Sleeping was almost impossible, as the unit kept sliding around every time I moved. The PoppyPocket gave me the first good night’s sleep I have had since my infusion treatment began.

Dorothy Black, Patient

My Patients Enjoy the Convenience

PoppyPocket is an excellent nifty little device that holds the infusion pump in a stable position but also does an excellent job concealing the tubing that comes with it. My patients truly enjoy the convenience that this product brings to the delivery of infusional chemotherapy.

Rajesh N. Kukunoor, M.D.

My Customers Don’t Even Know I Am Going Through Treatment

I love PoppyPocket! I work at Saks Fifth Avenue and need to dress nice for work. This product is fantastic because nobody can see my chemotherapy pump beneath my clothes. It is securely hidden in this comfortable little pocket. I continue to work without customers even knowing I am going through treatment. The convenience aspect is wonderful. My tubes are not exposed which means I don’t get them caught in anything! Thank you!

Ann Roundy, Cancer Patient

Makes Me Feel Pretty Again

I love this product! It is more comfortable than the cumbersome fanny pack that came with my pump. I hated the fanny pack. PoppyPocket makes me feel pretty again because I can wear my “pretty” clothes since this product is worn under clothes and nobody can see it. Its extremely light and comfortable and makes my life easier, especially sleeping without getting tangled in my tubes! Thank you very much for coming out with such a wonderful product!!!

Sherry Starle, PPH
(Primary Pulmonary Hypertension)

Great For Our Active Patients

When I saw my patient arrive to have his pump disconnected, I didn’t see it anywhere hanging on him! Of course I was wondering what the heck he did with it. He lifted his shirt and showed me. I was speechless. He told me his daughter made the elastic band with a pocket. How awesome was that! It was all enclosed under his shirt and you couldn’t even tell he had it on! I just couldn’t believe it and I thought how great that would be for our patients, especially the ones that still were very active, not to have to carry that pump where everyone could see it.

Lucy Allison, Oncology Nurse

It’s so great!

I am typically more eloquent than that, but I’m truly overwhelmed right now.  This is the first time in over a year I haven’t worn a purse or fanny pack over top of my clothes.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  Indescribable!!  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Pulmonary Hypertension Patient, Rebecca Hubbard

Frees My Fiancee to Do His Work

I would like to tell you that the PoppyPocket is working well for Gary. He feels so much more mobile with the infusion tucked neatly in the PoppyPocket and the tubes under his shirt. It frees him to do his work without being worried every time he moved that the infusion would fall off the desk. He likes that the infusion bag isn’t hanging over his shirt or coat. A wonderful product for sure.

Thank you.

Irene, Cancer Patient’s Fiancee

Conceals My Pump to Perfection

I am a PAH patient with concerns on how I was going to conceal such a large pump when going out in public. My wife found this product and recommended that I give it a try. I ordered the product on a Thursday, and to my suprise, the product was at my doorstep the very next day! I was impressed at the quick delivery. The product fits very well and conceals my pump to perfection. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a pump pouch. 

Thanks again for the quick delivery, especially all the way from AZ to VA. It was a pleasant surprise.

John, Patient