10 Inch PoppyPocket Extension

$ 9.99

The 10 inch PoppyPocket extension works for all PoppyPocket systems and allows you more room and flexibility while wearing your PoppyPocket. The extension attaches to your PoppyPocket system and provides up to 10 inches of more room to ensure your PoppyPocket remains secure and comfortable....


Diabetes Pump Transport System| Heart Holster | TENS Holster | 6" x 6"

$ 34.95

PoppyPocket Diabetes pump system is an elastic chest band with a pocket that completely encloses the pump and tubes. You can wear it discreetly beneath clothing. You can engage in normal daily activity, hands and worry free. This product is intended to assist the patients...


Infusion Pump, Medical device transporting system | Horizontal style 9.5"L X 6"H | Chemotherapy, Pulmonary Hypertension, Antiobiotics, Pain Management, DUOPA, Heart monitoring, JP Bulbs

$ 46.95

The Horizontal style PoppyPocket  medical device transporting system is the secure, discreet, comfortable, portable and wearable way to enclose your  system for everyday life! The Horizontal transport system is completely washable, with a plush medical, latex-free  52" elastic chest band,  (one size fits all) with...


Infusion Pump, Medical device transporting system | Vertical style 11"L X 9"H | Chemotherapy, Pulmonary Hypertension, Antibiotics, DUOPA, Pain Management, Heart monitoring, JP BULBS

$ 41.95 $ 44.95

If you're looking for a secure, comfortable way to transport your medical device, the PoppyPocket is the perfect solution. It is body contouring, so it is discreet, secure, comfortable, portable and wearable for everyday life! The Vertical Transporting System is completely washable, with a plush...


Mens Organic Cologne/Aromatherapy Roll-on "15"

$ 22.99

Ingredients: Certified Pure Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% pure essential oils of, Patchouli, Bergamot, Ho wood, Tangerine, Orange, Fir, and Clove. Suggested Use: Roll on behind the ears, wrists, temples and other desired areas, or simply inhale! Benefits: This unique blend of oils are known to...


Organic Aromatherapy Roll-On -GENTLENESS-"Fruits of the Spirit"

$ 24.99

Ingredients: Certified Pure Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils of Lemon, Vanilla (10 fold), Corriander, Roman Chamomile, and Sage. Suggested use: Roll on a small amount of oil on the pulse points or simply inhale! Benefits: To bring together perceptive thoughts with patient words...


PoppyPocket Suspenders

$ 9.99

PoppyPocket® suspenders attach easily to your PoppyPocket® pouch to hold up heavy pump systems. They work in tandem with your PoppyPocket Pouch to provide a convenient, discreet and safe way to hold and carry your pump and tubes for daily use.   *PoppyPocket® pouch in photo not...


Waterproof PoppyPocket

$ 400.00

The water-resistant PoppyPocket comes as a set with the waterproof box and shark-skin latex-free neoprene PoppyPocket pouch.  The neoprene PoppyPocket has one large pouch with a Velcro tab for enclosing the box containing the infusion pump.  The neoprene waist band has a large Velcro tab...


Womens Perfume -My Beloved -Organic Aromatherapy Roll-On

$ 0.00

Ingredients: Suggested Use: Roll on the neck, wrists, temples and other desired areas, or simply inhale! Description: This delicately formulated essential oil roll-on blend was crafted for the creator of THERAESSENTIALS daughter, Alexa for her wedding day. The theme of the wedding was, "My Beloved"...